Currency and Metals


Manufacturing of circulation coins and metals has seen rapid growth in production rates over the past decade. 

There continues to be a drive for improved quality control in this industry and an over-reliance on sampled manual inspection as a robust quality control measure can lead to defective products reaching the market. Even a handful of such products can significantly affect brand image.

With significant investments elsewhere on production lines, automated visual solutions are an essential part of coin manufacture. However, existing products on the market have shown to be cumbersombe and extremely difficult to operate and maintain, especially with a large number of product variants.

Using the latest vision technology and machine learning techniques, our focus at Spookfish is to provide compact, intelligent and intuitive solutions to overcome these problems.


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Microps Xi

In-process blank and minted coin inspection

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Microps X

Stand alone blank and minted coin inspection

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Currency and Metals


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